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Welcome to the Story Tyke Affiliate Program

Story Tyke is a free bedtime story email subscription for busy parents with 4-8-year-olds. Stories are short, 5-minute reads and are sent to parents in more than 29 countries, Sunday through Thursday nights at 6 PM.

Connect Parents to Story Tyke and Earn Commissions

Every time you connect a parent with Story Tyke, you earn a commission. With our service being FREE, parents are quick to sign up and give us a try!

Our Mission & Purpose

We believe that every child needs a chance to explore their imagination while living in a highly visual, digital world. By simplifying the creative process, we help busy parents initiate imaginative bonding experiences with their children. We deliver original bedtime stories to the inbox, bridging the gap between modern parents and traditional storytellers.


  • Who: Busy parents with 4-8-yr-olds
  • Age: 25-45 + some grandparents
  • Gender: 90% female, 10% male
  • Location: Predominantly in the United States and Canada, however we do have parents in 29 countries receiving our stories.

Website/Newsletter Statistics

  • Website Conversions: We convert more than 30% of all website traffic, with a 45% conversion rate from marketing specific campaigns
  • Newsletter Statistics: We consistently have 42% or higher open rates—subscribers really like what we are offering!


How to Maximize Your Affiliate Revenue

When you refer Story Tyke to other parents, you can earn $1.50 per subscriber PLUS bonuses:

  • 100 subscribers in a month – earn an extra $10
  • 250 subscribers in a month – earn an extra $25
  • 500 subscribers in a month – earn an extra $100
  • 1,000 subscribers in a month – earn an extra $250
  • 2,000 subscribers in a month – earn an extra $500

Think about setting up a long-term income channel for yourself through these tactics:

Write a Blog Post About Story Tyke
Regularly Feature Story Tyke in your Newsletter
Add an Advertisement for Story Tyke to your Header, Side-Bar, or Footer
Regularly Share on Your Social Media, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

Helping you maximize your earnings

What are the requirements to be a Story Tyke Affiliate?

You must have a live website or another acceptable method for reaching Story Tyke’s target consumers (we will review this).

Who can apply to become an Affiliate?

We are accepting applications from parenting influencers and bloggers.

Are any PPC words forbidden?

Yes. You may not bid on words that compete with our name or branding, such as:

  • Story Tyke
  • storytyke
  • www.storytyke.com
  • Bedtime stories reimagined
How do Story Tyke Affiliates earn commission?

Affiliates earn commissions by referring a subscriber to storytyke.com. We pay you per confirmed subscriber. Given that our bedtime story email subscription is free, it’s easy to convert subscribers to our newsletter.

What is the timeframe for tracking returning visitors?

All banners and text links will be trackable via a 90-day return cookie embedded with your affiliate ID information.

I have another question. How can I reach out?

Reach out anytime to team@storytyke.com. We look forward to assisting you!

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